Playlist folders on iOS devices now nested within other folders

Playlist folders on iOS devices now nested within other folders

My iOS playlists (on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) have all reshuffled, with playlist folders now nesting within folders within folders. Quite bizarre. I can't re-order them as that is only possible on the full client, and the playlists on my Mac are fine. Anyone else seen this?

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I came here to post this very question.  I have the newest OS update on a fourth generation ipod touch and you just described my exact problem.  About half of my playlists are nested within a folder called SpotON Radio (an app I sometimes use) and within that, they are in a folder called iTunes.  Actually, now that I look at my ipod, 30 playlists are in there!  Help!

I'll check in on the twitter and the facebook to see if any friends or followers are having similar issues.

I'm having the exact same problem, half of my playlist were moved to a folder called SpotOn Radio. I don't even have that app for more than 5 months! Once I go to the computer everything is fine but on the iphone is not! any way to fix this?

I am also having this issue, since updating the Spotify software in the last week. The problem occurs on both my iPad 2 and iPhone 5, but not on my Windows laptop. Since playlists can only be moved in the desktop app (where this problem does not exist), I have no way of sorting it.


All playlists apart from my most recently created one have moved into a playlist folder that I created a few months ago. I want them back out and in my root folder.

As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be anything being done about it, but mine is also in the SpotOn folder.  I do have that app on my ipod, but I haven't used it since the Spotify radio came about.  Anyway, if there are three of us, there's gotta be more.  Hopefully this will be addressed soon.  It's an inconvenience at worst, I suppose, but I'm paying monthly and I do expect some measure of convenience.

I contacted support about the problem. They fixed it by removing all my folders and placing all my playlists into the root folder. Not an ideal  fix, but it did the trick.

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