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Removed “Appears On” feature with January 2019 IOS Update

Removed “Appears On” feature with January 2019 IOS Update






iPhone 8 Plus

Operating System

iOS 12.1


My Question or Issue

Looks like Spotify has updated the ios app yet again.  They have streamlined the artist pages and removed the “Appears On” section typically found at the bottom of the page.  How can I get to this again?


Also how do we go about getting back to Artists albums and singles in chronological order instead of “popular”?


I realize this streamlined update is good for casual users but as a power user I find these changes somewhat jarring



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I agree. I don’t like having to go onto the desktop app to see the songs the artist is featured on. This section of the artist page didn’t take up much room to begin with.

Please fix this Spotify!

This is really irritating, especially for musicians like me, who used to be able to see which playlists their tracks were being added to.

Could you tell me how I can do this now, without the Appears On feature please?


"Appears on" was another tool to help discover new collaborations. Musicians frequently make guest appearances on albums that branch out from their comfort zone, and many of these won't ever be close enough to the algorithm to bring the names together in the "fans also like" section. Aside from that, the sheer number of remixes, guest verses, and other forms of collaborations an artist may be involved in could make for a daunting task when gathering a list of their "complete" works - whereas having the "appears on" option could help house those all in one area for a listener to pick and choose from. This would lead to more streams per artist, and more time spent on the app... both of which would be beneficial to spotify as a whole. Hopefully they will bring it back, since as previously mentioned, it wasn't like it took up a ton of space on the screen either way.

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