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Sorting Playlists

Sorting Playlists

On the Computer
1. When I sort a playlist the sorting does not keep when I switch to another playlist and back.
2. When I visit a playlist that has been updated I see the tracks that have been updated marked with a dot. When I switch away and back the tracks that are new and I have not played are not marked as new anymore

On mobile:
1. unable to sort playlists
2. unable to tell how playlists are sorted, how would i see all the new tracks added to a friends playlist? I cannot

Fix please. The last uodate should not have been focused on a redesign to ios7-esque style but should have been focused on fixing/enabling very basic functionality
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Playlist sorted is set to land on iOS in the near future according to some posts a while back from a developer as part of Your Music (it already exists on android).

Playlist sorting not being saved should work in the desktop client though.

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