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Spotify continues to pause self across all platforms

Spotify continues to pause self across all platforms

Plan: Premium

Country: USA



iPhone XR, MacBook Pro 2017, MacBook Pro 2018, Chrome, Safari


Operating Systems

iOS 15.1 (iphone) 11.6.1 (macbook pro 2017), 11.4 (macbook pro 2018)


My Question or Issue
For the past two years or so Spotify - across all platforms and browsers that I use- has continuously paused itself. I have tried every suggestion I can find on the forums. Things will be going fine- the player is playing. Then, without warning, the player (on whichever app/device/browser) will pause. I will stop what I am doing, go to the player/app/browser and press play. It plays. Sometimes this fixes it and I can go about my work. Other times, I get back to work and within 30 seconds to 1 minute, it pauses again, at which point no matter how many times I go back to press play, it pauses again.

This happens to me on Chrome, on the iphone app, and on the mac application. I have tried all the available "Solutions" over the past 2 years- doing a complete log-out of all devices, uninstalling and reinstalling the app on all devices (for web-player, closing, restarting computer, trying other browsers the works). Occasionally these steps help temporarily but the problem persists at uneven intervals so it is impossible to predict when or on which device/player it will occur. 


I am having the issue on Chrome currently. After reading this, I tried Safari and within 1 minute the same issue is happening. It pauses itself anywhere from 30seconds to 2 minutes into playing, over and over and over again. 


I have had a paid subscription for years, but I have put up with this for so long I am in need of reliable tech if I am to pay for something. If this cannot be fixed permanently, it is off to Apple music, which will be sad because of the years of curating playlists and the incredible classical music collection. But I am tired of giving money to a tech company that cannot get their tech to be consistent and reliable.

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Hi @aculelli,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


We're sorry to hear about this issue you've had for so long. We'll do our best to help you with it. 


We strongly suggest you start by securing your account following these steps under the Still have access to your account? section.


If the issue persists after this, could you confirm if the same happens if you disable the device's internet connection and play downloaded songs? 


Keep us posted.

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Hi @MafeG,


Thank you for your reply.


I did all the steps in the Still have access to your account section, and it is still occurring. 


A couple of updates on when/not it happens:

  • It happened when I was using my cellphone network as I was driving. So no wifi involved.
  • It happened on completely different wifi than my own, in a different state
  • It happened on my regular wifi once today and I immediately turned on airplane mode/no wifi and kept playing the same song (which is downloaded) and it did not happen again. It is hard to know if that is a pattern though because it is unpredictable.


Thank you!

Hi @aculelli,


Thank you for keeping in touch and running those tests.


For what you mention, it seems like the issue is happening when connected to the internet. It would be of great help if you can test a little more without internet connection so we can be completely certain of this. 


Also, can you log in with another account, such as a friend's or a family member's to see if the issue persists? Alternatively, you can create a free account here, just make sure you're logged out of your own account before creating a new one.  


Let us know how this goes.

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clearing out the temporary data stored that may be causing the problem. Do this by switching off your phone for 15 or so seconds before turning it back on., A reduction in the amount of data Spotify uses can result in pausing issues; therefore, try turning off data saver mode from “Settings”, “Data Saver.”

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