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Spotify is extremely slow to sync offline playlists on iOS


Spotify is extremely slow to sync offline playlists on iOS

I'm running the latest Spotify for iOS 5.0.1 version + did a complete restore on 2 iPhones 4S yesterday. I have the same problem on both my iPhones: Spotify is unbearably slow to sync offline playlists.
I have 1200 songs that I want to sync for offline listening. The mobile Spotify app is extremely slow to sync songs and usually stops after 20-25 songs. This has been happening for weeks if not months.
I have a blazing fast cable connection: 100Mb download speed + backup 8Mb download DSL. I've tried on these 2 connections + a 20Mb DSL connection at work and I have the same issue. Wifi signal is 5/5 on both iPhones and bandwidth tests are good.
Friends of mine living where I live (Strasbourg, France) don't seem to have the same problem. I can only think that it might be related to my account.
In addition, I've had to re-download all my playlists something like every 2 weeks for the last 4 or 5 month. I'm only using Spotify for offline listening on 2 devices so it has nothing to do with the 3 device limit.
I usually turn offline mode off every 5 days to make sure my offline playlists will stay on my 2 iPhones but I still have to re-download everything very frequently.
Spotify has become unbearably painful to use because of all this...
Please help!
Thank you,
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Hey that's odd!


I download with up to 10M/0.5M mobile network about 1-2 songs per minute. However I can download 1GB file from FTP in just 18 minutes... So why in the earth I need a whole night to download simple playlist Offline to Spotify...


See this picture Spotify...




I think this is fast line, use it SPOTIFY! 1MB per second, mobile network!!!


And this is not even full rate eg. max. 21M network speed. My mobile data plan is actually 0.5M/0.5M, but it works that way.


Windows/Android 320 kbps.

I left my phone overnight to Sync the offline playlists only to wake up this morning to see that it was pretty much in the same the spot as I left it!

I am seriously considering dropping my premium subscription. At this rate Its gonna take weeks for me to resync all my Offline Playlists!!

I have the same problem.


I could download with 34mbit. Spotify use 1mbit! It takes hours to download my Playlists. 

same problem, Its horrible. I got my iPhone 5 today, I have a high speed Wifi access (100mbit/s) and it takes over 12 hours to sync 600 songs. the phone has to be set to never shut off the screen, otherwise the download would be interrupted every time.


seriously, u guys, what the hell is up with that? is that what were paying for? can u please fix it or stop advertising the use of spotify offline on smartphones. it is absolutely ridiculous and beyond my understanding why downloading a couple of gigabytes has to make me feel like 10 years ago.


spotify is great and has a lot of advantages but this is really a big issue. It doesnt make any sense why the mobile sync takes so much longer than the one on a laptop. if theres any explanation for it, I would be glad to hear it.





Plug in your iPhone. The screen doesn't go off in the spotify app (only if you plug it in). You don't need to set up the screen dim to never.

It's a shame that even though you plug in the iPhone it still has to sync via Wifi, but if you have an iPod, it just syncs via cable 😞

I agree the synicing of playlists to enable listening in offline mode on the iPhone is ridiculously slow and a glaringly poor aspect of Spotify.  I can sync gigabytes more worth of data than the data repreented by the 200 or so songs on my playlist in a fraction of the time using iTunes.


Very poor programming on the part of Spotify. This issue needs to be addressed and resolved. 

Was just wondering if there has been any sort of further response from Spotify since Feb 2012 when the issue was first raised?

It really is absurd that back in Feb, Bengan from Spotify announced:

Please try to sync the tracks again now, it should've been greatly improved since yesterday evening.


Hope it works better now!

Im not sure how it was greatly improved and for that matter why there hasnt been any follow up from Spotify since then??!!

I have been syncing 1 playlist ALL BLOODY WEEKEND!! - yes thats right, ONE BLOODY PLAYLIST ALL FRIGGIN WEEKEND!!!


C'mon Spotify, pull your finger out and please sort this out!!

Still slow syncing here.

Takes me about 20mins to download a album.


iPhone 4s (latest updates) 20mbit connection, good signal wifi.

The support told me, that this is a temporary problem. Today in the morning was the speed okay. 



Same issue here, I was mad, trying to open ports on the router, just to find out it's a common problem.


I assume it's iOS6 related, so please fix and update it soon!



You have the same problem with the windows client. 

Ugh.  Got the new iphone 5 on Friday.  I had almost 2000 songs synched on my iphone 4S.  An entire weekend of trying and I've only been able to synch a few hundred songs.  This is crazy!

Not crazy. This is crap.



As there still has been absolutely no contribution from anyone at Spotify regarding this glaringly obvious issue with with Spotify and iPhone 5, I have contacted them directly begging them for a response via CONTACT SPOTIFY SUPPORT.


I strongly suggest that everyone contact them as well through the Contact Form as they dont appear to be responding to the issue here!



Having same issues syncing on iPhone 5.  About 275 over wifi songs in 2 days That is I've been syncing while I'm at home or sleep for the last 2 nights. Had an android phone before and thought it was an android issue. I'm surprised that spotify still hasn't resolved this. Getting really frustrated. If we are supposed to be able to sync 3333 songs for offline use and we are paying for an offline use subscription....spotify should make it so you can actually listen to your music(3333 songs)  in offline mode. at this rate I'm having to be tied to an Internet connection to use spotify to sync and listen to my tracks. They should give a free year of service to people since they have ignored this thread and are really not up to par on he level of service they claim to be providing at their premium subscription level.

Yes Spotify! All working! I'm now downloading 4-6 tracks in minute.


Thank you, somehow this is fixed, not so slow anymore.


Android happy user.

How did u get it to work. Even my old android won't do it. Although this us an IOS comment thread I would like to see what kind of response you got from Spotify, if any.

It's still slow. 1-2Mbit. 

Not tried at all to contact to Spotify, Android just starting to download faster. However I think it still slow, because I have fast Internet line and in my opinion 6 tracks in minute is too bad. However it's better than 2 tracks before...

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