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Spotify is extremely slow to sync offline playlists on iOS


Spotify is extremely slow to sync offline playlists on iOS

I'm running the latest Spotify for iOS 5.0.1 version + did a complete restore on 2 iPhones 4S yesterday. I have the same problem on both my iPhones: Spotify is unbearably slow to sync offline playlists.
I have 1200 songs that I want to sync for offline listening. The mobile Spotify app is extremely slow to sync songs and usually stops after 20-25 songs. This has been happening for weeks if not months.
I have a blazing fast cable connection: 100Mb download speed + backup 8Mb download DSL. I've tried on these 2 connections + a 20Mb DSL connection at work and I have the same issue. Wifi signal is 5/5 on both iPhones and bandwidth tests are good.
Friends of mine living where I live (Strasbourg, France) don't seem to have the same problem. I can only think that it might be related to my account.
In addition, I've had to re-download all my playlists something like every 2 weeks for the last 4 or 5 month. I'm only using Spotify for offline listening on 2 devices so it has nothing to do with the 3 device limit.
I usually turn offline mode off every 5 days to make sure my offline playlists will stay on my 2 iPhones but I still have to re-download everything very frequently.
Spotify has become unbearably painful to use because of all this...
Please help!
Thank you,
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Ok. I updated and it was still really slow. I decided to look at my router and try changing it to WPA TKIP and b only. Now averaging 1 song per 30 seconds on extreme to my iPhone 5. Not as fast as it used to be, but at least I can this initial sync out of the way over the next couple of days...

Hmm Ive swtched my access point to b only and have noticed an improvement in speed. Nothing CRAZY though.

iphone 5.

Still slow on the latest update. iPhone 5 on 6.0.1

We have an iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. It is very slow on my iPhone 5 and fast and iPhone 4.

I'm syncing all my starred songs to my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.0.1 and Spotify 0.5.9. It's still taking forever.

This is still a major issue. I'm trying to sync a large volume of songs for my AUS flight tomorrow. It's been downloading all night but only synced ~30 songs with ~600 to go.


When will Spotify fix this?

This is still not fixed 😞

Did a direct comparison between the iphone 4 and 5.


Creat random playlists and sync to each device.


Both running IOS 6.0.1 and Spotify


The iphone 4 syncs files approx 4 - 5 x faster than the iphone 5.


I also tested 0.5.8 on the iphone 4 prior to the upgrade, and there is a noticable slow down with 0.5.9 on the iphone 4 (didn't measure the difference)


The iphone 5 is taking 5 or more minutes per track, the iphone 4 takes 1 min or less per track syncing a random playlist under identical conditions.

I don't see why it should be any slower than downloading a song off iTunes. Other than DRM, the bits are all the same.

I've used spotify premium on my iPhone 4 for about 2 years and this is the first time I'm experiensing issues with syncing my playlists to offline mode. When a track is ready the grey arrow-symbol i supposed to turn green but instead I get a red circle with i white questionmark in and the syncing stops. Could somebody please tell me what this means and give me some intel on how to proceed? Thanks!

802.11b < 802.11g < 802.11n


You just crippled your router. I suggest you update your firmware on your router and set it to WPA2-AES and set it to allow only wireless n if you have issue with any devices then allow wireless n and g.

Wireless b goes to 11mbps, g to 54mbps, and n to 130mbps. Wireless b is from the early 2000. And TKIP is discouraged by most router manufacturers now days they recommend you only use WPA2-AES.

I think we understand that, but when The difference is syncing and not syncing at all I'll put up with a few days of slower wifi to get the songs on then change it back to n WPA2 AES. 

Trust me there's no value in lowering you wifi down to b. if there was people would be doing it in droves. Spotify doesn't handle the sending of information on wifi that is done on the Operating system and hardware level and your just limiting the capability of your hardware.

"Spotify doesn't handle the sending of information on wifi that is done on the Operating system"


You're right in theory, but the evidence in this instance is mounting that IOS applications on IOS6 play a bigger role (possibly one in priortisation)


I also suspect the problem relates to one of the following IOS6 issues.



I will admit to having wifi issues before. But Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings seemed to fix them and leaves everything intact just requires re entering wifi passwords.

I have had major issues with battery life, general wonkyness on my iPhone 4S even after doing a complete restore. My issue was that even though I didn't restore from iTunes I restored from iCloud it still had issues. I still backup to iCloud incase of the inevitable but don't plan to ever use it to restore my iphone after a reset or transfer to a new device.

Clearly if there's a bug I think your fine using WPA but please don't put your router down to a settings such as b that cuts down your transmit rate by more than 80%

Ive tried everything and its still slow 😞 different routers, different net connections, no wifi security, syncing on 3G. 


iphone 4s and 5

This is my 2nd post - last 2 updates did not help.  Even though the moderator  has posted Spotify is aware of the problem I have not seen an update recently on the what their status is on this issue. 


I am not able to sync anything on my IPad with a Applie 5 IOS and the latest Spotify point release.  When I restart I see all of the playlists I have created but even those are not really appearing.  Considering that all of my other apps that run in disconnected mode are syncing without issue (and not at the same time I am trying Spotify btw) I really do think it is something with the app itself (sigh).


I have 3 weeks until I have to go into offline mode for 2 weeks on vacation (yeah for the vacation but I want my tunes!).  Sooo it is coming down to this.  If there is no fix in the next 10 days I will unsubsribe and go back to the provider I used to use.  I could at least sync with that one.


really hoping for a solution here,


No. I have the Verizon iPhone 5 and i updated the carrier settings already. It's still a problem. It does seem to sync over Cellular much faster though, assuming im in a good LTE area and I havent hit my data cap. I haven't tried slowing my network down to B, but my networks at work are all G (Home is N) and it is just as bad at work. 


This is mission critical features guys. Seriouly considering going back to Rdio, like my credit card is out of my wallet, even if it doesn't do sync of local MP3s to mobile and offline syncing of playlist on the desktop. If it's an Apple issue then tell us, I can eek out a little more patience. I want to stick with Spotify guys.

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