Spotify needs to show more care in updating the desktop and mobile apps

Spotify needs to show more care in updating the desktop and mobile apps

Dear Spotify,


I love you. I really do. Ever since you've been available in Austria, I've been evangelizing you to all who want and won't listen. You are a cheap and amazing way to discover and share music. But you burn me! Oh, how you sear the flesh from my bones! 


The thing is, your developers don't seem to care about you. There are countless niggles, big and small, that betray a laissez faire attitude towards your functionality. For example:




See this? Where the arrow is pointing? This is from the iPhone (4) app. This little hiccup has been there for months. MONTHS! Now, I might understand that people who are no graphic designers don't really care. And I must admit, that it's not really a big deal. The problem I have is, that this has not been fixed in a long time. Such a little thing that shouldn't take long to iron out. But nobody seems to care.


This extends to much more serious issues, chief among them the apparent energy drain bug in the iPhone app. I'm not the only one who has experienced massive loss of battery power when using the app or have it sitting idle in the background. Just take a look at the support forum! Your users provided you with an in depth analysis of the problem but you didn't even acknowledge it. The playback-bug, that stops the desktop app from skipping to the next song during shuffle hasn't been addressed either. 


It's great that you have this New Idea section. But to me, it seems to be nothing more than homeopathic. There's still no equalizer, still no way to properly organize my music collection and absolutely no word on when or even if such issues are going to be resolved.


So here's my New Idea: Please show some care. You have an amazing service that many people love and which changes the way we discover and consume music for the better. But lately, you seem to have been sitting on your laurels. Please don't become Apple, who let their iTunes sit and gather dust without significant updates for years! Your desktop and especially your mobile apps still need and deserve lots of polish. Please give it to them so we may, in good conscience, can continue to throw our money at you and rope all our friends into doing the same. And please communicate it to your fans. Show a little transparency and reassure your customers, that problems like these are being worked on.


Best regards

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I've moved this over to the iOS board to deal with the specific issue you pointed out in the iPhone app.


The Idea you suggested isn't something that's best suited to the Ideas board - how could we ever mark it as implemented? I can assure you that our developers will always do the best job they can - and of course having users report issues as they come across them helps us to do that.

Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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