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Spotify stops playing then starting then stopping...

Spotify stops playing then starting then stopping...

I have recently started having problem with spotify over 3G in my Iphone. The songs take quite long time to start and when it starts it runs for a while then stops then starts for a couple of seconds then stops and so on.


This is happening when I have full 3G connection and standing in one place. (ye while walking to)

I think I have done everything. I have reinstalled the ap to the latest version twice
I have updated to the latest iOS 5.1

I have tried logged in and out several times is it anything left I can do?


I am starting to get quite annoyed not getting this to work!

4 Replies

I've noticed the same happening to me. Especially when I'm on the train or walking around.

Obviously, despite having a 3G signal, there might be spots where it has split seconds and loses the connection.

The 3G signal takes a while to disappear when it loses the connection, and another while to come back.

Are those songs that you play for the first time? Or downloaded songs? I'm sure this wouldn't happen if you get those tracks downloaded so that they are available offline...

Well for me this is happening all the time ower 3G, and no its not happening when I download the songs for playing offline but I don't whanna do that It was working perfectly fine around one week ago It has to be onther solution 

Just because it worked last week doesn't guarantee that it still cannot be an issue now.

It could also be that your network provider has issues, and it's not a spotify issue at all...

Since everything else is working perfectly fine on my phone I think it is spotify. I also just let a friend of mine log in  and try with his account but then it didn't even started (the songs). Its quite irritated I wish I could roll back and install a older version but that doesn't seems to be possible 

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