Spotify won't sync songs to offline mode


Spotify won't sync songs to offline mode

Hi! I'm using Spotify, on my iPhone 4s iOS 6.1.3. In online mode Spotify works ok, but I can't download playlists to offline mode. I switch on "available offline" on a playlist, but the songs won't sync (sometimes the first song gets marked with an orange exclamation mark and that's it). I use Spotify on 4 platforms, but not at once, and I just have offline playlist on two of them (one now that it doesn't work on my iPhone). This is very annoying since I usually use Spotify when I have no internet connection. Anyone having the same problems? Thankful for help.
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Max download is 3333 song per device... Looks at your playlists... And try and delete thoses... Once you done enough deletion it should work or you can delete you app and start again...

I have a premium account but for some reason my playlists randomly have to be re downloaded so if im driving and away from wifi it uses alot of cellular data. It happens probably 4 to 5 times per month but the rest the time its 10 to 15 random songs that have to be redownloaded almost every day. Why am I paying for premium if i have to keep redownloading songs and unable to use premium feature of listening offline?

Either those song have not sync to your phone may be from exceeding your 3333 song capacity, hence its play over wifi and not offline... So you may be need to reduce you music library down to enable all those song to be downloaded, make sure the listen to offline is ticked and all songs are green


my samsung glaxaxy  core prime says its downloaded all my songs to my playlist but when i go offline they wont play. i do have 28gb or space on my phone so i dont understand the problem. i just purchased the premium package and wondering how to cancel if this isnt fixed.

I've had Spotify Premium for a few months now and previously had no problems downloading songs from iTunes to Spotify, but with the last download, I was only able to play them on the desktop rather than my mobile version on my Galaxy S6. I disabled my firewall on my Macbook Pro, checked the memory, checked the song limit, deleted the app and reinstalled, checked to make sure I still had Premium, and turned my phone off and on. I have no idea what to do. I'm just left with a grey arrow with "Waiting to Download," even though I have tried downloading on wifi and cellular. There are only two songs I am attempting to download. Can anyone help me please? No solution I have seen has helped me.

Hi clay835. Cheers for the reply mate. Yeah well seems though we are both
up the proverbial creek as we both have tried the same routes to sort this,
well, nonsense to be polite, to no avail. Let's hope these characters pick
this up and sort it as this problem is definetly in their backyard. If I
hear from them I will let them know that you too are having similar
problems. Take it easy. Simon. sfno111.

What's your problem mate?

Hey Kshah2003. Downloaded a few albums to use offline signing in via google
as had to get me password. Day later signed in with user name and password
only to find that the downloads had buggered off. Both times my user name
came up so it ain't like there's 2 accounts. Any clues? S.

Peter, sfno111. Yep have tons of spare room. I have re downloaded some stuff so will see what happens. Will let you know how it goes. Thanks for your reply. S.



At the moment I have a problem going on as well with offline sync.

It used to work just fine but all the songs on my phone won't play anymore.

Trying to solve it for the past month, but can't seem to do it..


I have spotify premium, all my songs have a green arrow, the offline mode in settings is on, I have about 500-600 songs downloaded, I have over 3gb left on the phone and over 14gb left on the SD-card (eventhough all the songs are downloaded to the SD-card), I redownloaded all the songs and reïnstalled the app as well and I have spotify version: armV7 at the moment.


It works when connected to Wi-Fi though, but haven't checked with data because I don't have any.


Anyone out there who can help me out?


By the way I am using an OnePlus X device with andoid 5.1.1 and Oxygen 2.2.2 in case needed.


Thanks in advance!



(Update: Might it be that my account is signing itself out? Because I use Spotify by signing in to facebook and it's always signing in on second attempt somehow.. It shows a long number code instead of my name, could that be the problem)??

I think I figured it out. You need to turn your mobile hotspot on and
connect your laptop to it too. I didn't think it would work, but it did for
me. Good luck.


Unfortunatly didn't it work for me.

Thanks though!

I no longer have three devices listed, but only one device listed now for offline mode. I should be able to download 10,000 songs in one device for offline mode? Since the limit of 3,399 songs per device is no longer applicable since I only currently have one device. I get the message that my maximm download limit has been reached. Is there a flaw in my logic, I thought 1 device in download list meant up to 10,000 songs? Please advice.
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It's 3333 song per device not 10,000

I downloaded 700 songs with my Premium subscription . For a couple of weeks I've been playing and enjoying music in the offline mode. All of a sudden one day, it shows that I haven't downloaded any songs, and would not let me play my songs in offline mode anymore. What has happened to my songs? They are all gone. This is very frustrating since Spotify already has my payment, and soon will be asking for the next payment.
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Best to reset your phone.... Check the song are available offline.... Switched off mobile and wifi and see if it works.... Last resort might be delete the whole app and re download everything


I have a chromebook and i cant find the option to go offline i need help

Downloading offline

From: Themeg2013
To: Moderator Adam
I have the same problem
I have had Spotify premium for a while and have had no problem with it, recently I got a new phone (went from htc to iPhone 6s+) and since I did that I can't get my music to download offline. Sometimes it does work but it is very slow and it only does 4 songs at a time only sometimes. I have 12 gb of space. I am getting very frustrated and I really want to keep my subscription. I have Spotify so I can listen to music in my car and it's not working

It's sounds like the cache and songs are store on the HTC and not the iPhone.., I have the same issue between iPhone and iPad...I update iPhone then it take some time to update iPad. Best thing is delete Apple Spotify app and re install and you may need to re download your music... Make sure on every album and by artist is ticked to listen in offline mode.

I have redone loaded and the same thing is happening! Any other suggestions? Should I do the same on my desktop?

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