Synced Tracks Cut Off

Synced Tracks Cut Off

Hi, I just recently switched phones from an Android device to an iPhone 5.

After re-syncing my offline playlists a number of tracks that played normally before are not cut off.

Was this due to an error in setting up my offline playlists? Or was this caused by a glitch in my Spotify Mobile app?

Please help, I'd really like to have ENTIRE songs on my phone.

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Does anyone know? I would really appreciate an answer, or at least knowing if someone else has experienced this.

Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


I am not sure what is going on here, I would suggest you try a clean reinstallation of the app and then resync your content again to see if this is just a temporary issue. 


If not, post back here and I will try and help further. 



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I performed the clean reinstallation and I am in the process of syncing my offline playlists again.

Unfortunately, tracks that were previously working fine are showing a red exclamation mark next to them, and other songs are broken.

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