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Synch problem

Synch problem

I have a premium account for almost two months but i could not sync more than 200 songs to my offline playlist. I follow exact steps that i should but nothing happens i don't see the progress bar. Only one out of ten tries i can sync songs but it lasts 50 songs then it stops again. I am very disappointed with this system i must say, and if my problem won't solve i am going to ask for a refund because i cannot afford to listen songs online all the time.
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Hear, hear!  I just signed up for Premium and highly doubt I will let it go beyond 30 days because I can't get it to sync my music.  It gets going with a progress bar but then just stalls out for no reason at which point I have to start the process from square one.  Tried this a number of times because I'm going on a fishing trip and was hoping to use this feature on the boat, doesn't look like that's going to happen!  Garbage.

p.s. I'm still plugging away with an iphone4 but, in my mind, that shouldn't make a difference if it supports the app!  Very disappointed.

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