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The new iPhone application performs horribly

The new iPhone application performs horribly

I've never seen an application perform this poorly. It constantly locks up, slow to respond, and crashes frequently on my iPhone 4. I literally cannot use the application at all when connected over USB in my car because it crashes or stops responding, yet if I use the iOS music player it works perfectly.


Is there a fix or something coming out for this?





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I agree. In general, I really enjoy spotify and my personal experience with spotify's customer support has been nothing short of excellent.

But like the original poster, I am also running an iphone 4, and the performance of this new app on this hardware is making it pretty hard to use, let alone like at the moment.

Please, pretty please could spotify either issue a more streamlined version of the app, or maybe make available the older app for people running older phones?


The new update makes me cry. I only listen to Spotiy offline and it takes 30 seconds to change between two titles. I use my iPod in the gym or when I go jogging and this is the worst update I've ever had.

I saw people complaining about this on the iPhone 5 and 5s, so I think it's just the application in general. I'd love to see this reverted back to the previous version until they can sort this performance out.


As it is now, it's unusable for me.

If you haven't yet tried it, please reinstall the spotify app. Doing so seems to work for other users although you will need to redownload/resynch your music.

I've tried re-installing the app, but it still performs poorly. Granted, it isn't as bad, but the problem is hardly solved. In a span of 30 minutes, the application crashed 2 times.


The UI still locks up frequently, and I even got an error message when it was plugged in via USB a couple times from my cars info center (Also something that never happened before)

Im on an iphone 5 and for me his update was a major improvenemt. I had huge problems with the version before. It would take 5-10 seconds of freezing up for it to connect and huge lags here and there. 


now it works perfectly and is over all much smoother and quicker than all versions before. 


Maybe try and re-install the app or something?

Hi, thanks for your response. I did re-install the application. I've also turned the device off and back on as well. This problem still persists though.

Are they ever going to fix it?! I can't even listen to my tunes and I can't find a submission form to tell them what's up

Hi sarahjoan34,

Here is the submission form for you 🙂

As for the topic at hand, it does seem like it has gone unnoticed by the app developers and Spotify support team in general. I havent personally seen any official statement or information regarding this issue that seems to be affecting such a large percentage of the iOS Spotify users.


This is distressing for many (as it would be, paying a subscription to a service whom offers an app that simply doesnt work) and despite the seemingly drastic thought, it has been tempting to cancel my subscription from here and go back to using iTunes again (I only moved over to Spotify roughly 2 months ago)


Hopefully, things are fixed soon. Such a beloved service couldnt let down their customers like this.

Kind Regards

Lee Clutterbuck

I am also having the same issues.  The app performs terribly on my 4S.  I get upwards of 30-45 second delays when adding items to a playlist.  I also gets 5-10 second delays when skipping tracks.  I am a premium user and I shouldn't have to pay for terrible service.  I have filled out the customer support form as well to document this issue with Spotify.


I tried the aforementioned fix by uninstalling/reinstalling.  It solved the issue for about 30 minutes then the delays began happening again.


Spotify needs to  issue a fix for this ASAP!

Boo spotify on your latest release.  I'm horrible dissappointed in it!!!


same problem with iphone 5, I uninstalled still have the same problem.  Also, before I reinstalled it did a 30 day count down before I could play my offline playlist.  the reinstlaled fixed the 30 day count down issue, but still have insane lag in song change, song name and album art lag.  Also I'm very unhappy in general with the new UI.  It's much hard to add songs to playlist, look up other songs by the current playing artist.  I just don't know why spotify wouldn't leave a good thing alone.  So annoyed!!!

Same exact issues that everyone else here seems to have on my 5s.  I've tried reinstalling and still this new version is way too slow.


Playability issues aside, this app also lacks the ability to unstar tracks.  I use Spotify all day at work and on my mobile in my car.  99% of the time, I am playing from my starred list.  I liked having the ability to remove tracks that I had grown tired of...not any more, apparently.


Sure, the new app looks great, but it is utterly useless and lacks basic features.


FIX IT!  This is making me debate renewing my premium, which I've had for years...

If you found my information useful, please "Like" it. Thanks!

Having problems on both of my phones: iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 both running iOS 7.1 and the latest version of the App. Response times are terrible and crashes aplenty on the iPhone 4

I agree. Also my playlist has been sticking then reverting back to the beginning again when I open it up-which means I have to scroll through to find where I was orginally! Frustrating!

See my topic elsewhere for details of my problem. In a nut-shell, the app is now useless to me as Spotify Connect just plain doesn't work with my Yamaha amp now, whereas the previous version was flawless.

I'll be giving them a short time to sort this issue out otherwise I'm cancelling my subscription as it is currently useless to me. Considering the amount we pay, the lack of any contact on these official boards, is nothing less than shameful though.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that syncing is much slower than it used to be as well. Prior to this version, if I had a playlist synced to my desktop client, I could sync it to my phone in a matter of a minute or so. Now, it takes a substantial amount of time to sync anything.


I really like the Spotify model where I choose my music as I please, but this version is a complete bomb in my opinion and it is pushing consumers to think about cancelling their subscriptions (myself included). There's too many people having problems on a wide range of devices.


If it were strictly an iPhone 4 issue, it'd be slightly less annoying because the iPhone 4 is the bottom tier device apple supports iOS 7 on and it wouldn't run as smoothly as it would on say an iPhone 5 because there's a big hardware difference between them. I'm very familiar with the software development process, so I totally get that the actual performance will vary.


But, when you've got a bunch of people complaining about your application performing poorly on the latest generation of devices, you've done something. Somewhere along the lines, your development process broke down.


UI design should NEVER stand in the way of a good user experience


I sincerely hope you get this fixed soon.

Having similar issues. After a while, the app just wont even open. It crashes on the splash screen. If I go to app switcher, it looks like its there. If I click it, it goes to splash again and crashes. I have deleted and reinstalled. The last mini update fixed it for a while and no its broken again.


Spotify worked awesome until they hit 1.0. After that, it seems liek a buggy beta or alpha app. Have to rethink paying $10 a month for somethign that I cannot access.

Like many of the other users I've been an exsisting paying member of Spotify for over a year now...


This new update is by far the worst due to the sheer fact that it is so unresponsive


Changing a song takes 30 seconds

The updated album art takes a good minute to load

It freezes and hitting the skip button ends up skipping 2-3 songs


The community needs Spotify to release a new update or they will just plainly lose subscribers


I've begun to become so frustrated with the app that I'm considering leaving

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