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Top 1% of listener notification led to nothing?


Top 1% of listener notification led to nothing?

Riding on the bus I received a push notification saying something along the lines of, “You’re one of the top 1% of Led Zeppelin’s fans” and when I tapped it the Spotify app opened up to a network error page. My phone was connected to the internet just fine, I checked immediately after with Safari and I was already streaming a podcast.


Regardless, I double-tapped the home button and cleared spotify before opening the app again. Can’t find anything now about where that notification was trying to take me to, and I just checked my email but couldn’t find anything either. What’s going on here?




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iOS 13.3.1


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I never got an email.... i screenshotted the notification but haven't received an email about it???

I had the same notification pop up for me yesterday for the 1975 and it only led to a radio station and the notification disappeared. I just opened my spotify randomly today and this popped up: 


I didn't get a notification OR missed it.


How can I find out? I too would also like to brag 😬

I also didn’t get an email for this, I assumed it would’ve been something really cool but I still appreciate the station! 


Pretty sure it's a scam... mine notification used the wrong Your and im sure a company as big as Spotify would know better.

Received the same notification that led to nothing, but this popped up a few minutes ago. Googling the same question brought me to this forum. Screenshot_20200225-035543_Spotify.jpg

Me to top 1 percent of Florence and the machine fans but no email 😢

I was so excited when I got this message! But like others said, it just takes you to the artist radio. Interesting though 🙂


Same here, different band, notification but no email.



 i managed to see it in the app, it just takes you to a radio for them but it’s still pretty cool 

I had the same happened to me but for Arctic Monkeys. I haven’t received anything in my email.

I opened Spotify on my phone and got a pink card for JPEGMAFIA and I accidentally clicked away from it before I got to read it (I assumed it was probably just saying he released a new song or something) but now that I see screenshots of other people's pink card for artists, I now know it means I'm one of his top fans and I'm sad I missed getting a screenshot of it. I hope Spotify fixes this and shows it again bc I want a screenshot of it ! Would be cute to have it 


I got one of these notifications too but it popped up as soon as i tried to click on something else and it disappeared before i got to see which artist it was for! is there any way to get that back and see who it was?

Would love to have a way to view the notification again! 🙂

I accidentally clicked "dismiss" when I got my notification. Does anyone know the way to see it again?

I accidentally hit “dismiss” before seeing who the artist was! Is there any way to find out who it was now? 

Is it possible to reshow notifications about being a top listener? I recently found out I was in the top 1% listeners of one of my favorite artists, but I quickly closed the window thinking it was an advertisement. I would have liked to have screenshotted it.

I got a pink 1% top worldwide listener card also. Surprised me cause I've only had this account since December thanks to some hacker hijacking my previous acct. I definitely should have received it on my last acct since it was much older and I imagine I got in the 1% fairly quickly but I dont remember seeing it ever until last night.

The link led to a radio station for the band, which I'm pretty sure I already liked but no big deal. No email or anything. Interesting stat, if nothing else. 🙂







My Question or Issue

Those messages you get from time to time after when you login to Spotify, is there anyway to see those messages again after dismissing them?
Currently looking for one for "being the top 1% listener for an artist" didn't screenshot it, but I wish I had.

Anyway to access those messages/notifications after dismissing them?

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