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Unliked songs not excluded from My Albums

Unliked songs not excluded from My Albums

Since a recent upgrade, when I play an album from the My Albums tab in My Library, the songs that I have unliked in the past are no longer excluded.  I have noticed this since 3/15, but I think it may have started earlier than that and I just hadn’t been listening to albums from My Library (or at least not albums that I have cut tracks from).


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I logged into my account on my wife’s iPhone 6 the other day and this issue with unliked songs being in My Albums was not a problem. I use Spotify on my iPhone 8 with Spotify version;  I just checked her phone— which she hasn’t updated in a while— and she is using version is there any way to “roll back” the version one is using? Both this issue and the other issue I have posted in the Community (Repeat All turns itself on) have been caused by recent updates... can I just get the old version back?  The combination of these 2 problems is seriously affecting my enjoyment of this service and I am considering starting over with another provider.


 I have tried reloading the App and signing out of all accounts and all that jazz, but the problem persists....

The same issue is happening to me. When I save a new album the albun would automatically have all tracks "liked" but now they are already "unliked" and I have to "like" each song one by one. It also still plays "unliked" songs which is annoying me.


Please help, Spotify people!

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