Wrong song by same artist plays


Wrong song by same artist plays



iPhone XS

Operating System

iOS 13.5

Spotify 8.5.58


My Question or Issue

When I was connected to Carplay and would ask Siri to play a specific song it would play a different one by the same artist.  After further testing, it appears to only be happening with DCappella and happens in or out of the car.  Whenever I ask Siri to play a song from that group, it responds correctly that it understood the song I wanted, but Spotify would play a different song from them not necessarily from the same album.  Repeating the same request would play another song from the group, but again not the one requested.  Recently played shows the correct song had been understood.

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Re: Wrong song by same artist plays

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Rising Star 7
Have you tried restarting your iPhone?
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