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customise Home screen on ios?

customise Home screen on ios?

Hi, is it possible that I can pick what to show on my spotify 'home' screen? the 'charts' section just shows Global and U.S Top 50, can I choose other countries top charts? Thx 🙂

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Hi Dracowang98,

As Spotify tried to personalise content for you, it will run off your Geo location to fetch content relevant to you.

I live in Australia, therefore I am seeing Top 50 Australia. It is just because it is super relevant to you 🙂

What you could do, is follow the playlists that you want to (different country charts) and then this should appear on your homescreen in the Jump Back In section.

Hope this helps you out.



Yes I guess it should have Geo location; I live in UK but have US top chart, thats what confused me lol

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