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iOS not syncing some local files

iOS not syncing some local files

Certain songs will not sync to my 3GS. I have read every FAQ on this topic and I know I am doing it correctly. I cannot believe it has to be so difficult to get this to work. I am going insane so please fix it so you can get a few more bucks from me. I love Spotify but this problem is really pissing me off.


  • I bought Adele 21 and ripped it with iTunes.
  • I start Spotify on my Macbook Pro and search for Adele 21.
  • It's not available. Only one single from that album is available for streaming.**
  • I go to Local Files/Preferences and enable iTunes as a source.
  • I click on Local Files again and bingo, there is Adele 21 near the top.
  • All 11 songs are listed. The icon is a note and nothing is dimmed.
  • I select all 11 songs and add them to a playlist.
  • I start the Spotify app on my iPhone 3GS and log in.
  • I navigate to playlists and there is the new Adele 21 playlist, so I select it.
  • I notice that only the first track is dark. All other tracks appear dimmed. This sounds familiar.**
  • I assume this means that this is the only track that can be streamed.
  • I switch the "Available Offline" button to "yes". and....

Oh my God it worked..........

I just spent 5 hours of cussing trying to make this work and it wasn't until I sat down and wrote down every single step I made, that it finally worked. Along the way I was cleaning things up (like removing iTunes from local files) to make it appear like I was syncing for the first time.


If I just did something simple like remove the playlist and then re-add it, it would never work. It would sync some of the local songs but not all of them. I would remove the playlist, logout, restart etc.. Nothing helped. I would add the playlist just as I described before and the same songs would pop up a "You Must Sync with Local Files screen". Talk about frustration.


The point is, it seem that Spotify has a very hard time cleaning up after itself. It gets into a funk and you practically have to remove the app from your phone to get it to behave again. It's like it remembers too much crap and gets confused on what it should be doing.


I am an experienced software engineer and appreciate the complexity of the Spotify app. But this is ridiculous. You guys need to stop adding features and make the app stable on all platforms (kudos for the Linux version BTW). That is the only way you will continue to dominate.


So come on, I know you guys can do it. Make it stable and allow your documentation to be a source for solutions not frustrations.




Randy S.

San Antonio, TX

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