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Accessing iTune library without permission or opt-out option.

Accessing iTune library without permission or opt-out option.

I kindly ask that you delete my account immediately.

I didn't realize your software would automatically accessed my itunes library without asking my permission. There is no option to prevent this function. Very uncool, guys! I'm sure you now have my entire itunes library information saved on your servers. I did not give you, or your software permission to do that. If I did in your terms of service, you should at least be kind enough to notify users before they installing and running your software in clear, obvious messaging. I felt this is an invasion of my privacy that could have been completely avoided if you would have plainly stated this before download/install and given the user the option to prevent itunes access in the interface.

I kindly request that I receive a confirmation email that my request has been carried out as quickly as possible. 

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I have left a reply on your other topic.



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I have too. I think there's been a misunderstanding here. We don't access your iTunes library, just check my other reply.

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I joined Spotify today and I also encountered the same issue and your response did not answer nor address it.  Spotify scans all my local drives without my permission.    I have deselected all the Local File boxes in Preferences.  My local music files still appear in Library.  Spotify now owns that data without my permission, nor as the original poster stated, was I informed of this ahead of time.  Furthermore, I do not know if you scan and store ALL my files.  I have work sensitive files, the contents and the file names are private and proprietary.  Regarding the music my intent was to keep my local and Spotify libaray and playlists distinct.  I also just read an article where Spotify deleted all the music files from someone's player (when a fourth device was inadvertenlty connected). 


How do I prevent Spotify from scanning my local drive?  How do I keep the contents of my local drive private from Spotify?  Do you keep this data? 

Once you deselect the local file folders, log out and back in and the local files should be gone. If you still see files listed in the local files section, select them all (ctrl-a) is quickest and hit the delete key.


Your other concerns are totally unfounded so don't worry.

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