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Account hacked

Account hacked

Hi guys, 


I have been able to use my spotify over my iphone without any problem, but haven't been able to log in through my computer so decided to log on my computer through facebook today and someone's changed the email address, phone number, postcode and obviously my **bleep**ing password. 


A bit **bleep**ty since I am paying for someone to listen to **bleep**ing Britney Spears which all of a sudden is nr one on my **bleep**ing playlist. 



Is there any person here able to help out? 



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welcome to the Spotify Community! I'm happy to assist you!

I'm afraid, but we are just other customers trying to help each other as best as possible. But for that awful reason you will need to contact a Spotify employee. Please check before, if you can recover your password by clicking on the "Forget password"-Button under the log in form and, if Spotify asks you, if you have access to the mail currently registered in your account chose you have access to your old email. If this does not work, check out this form to contact Spotify support staff:

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