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Account problem

Account problem

In attempting to change my credit card information, I found that my account shows my subscription status as Spotify Free.  I have a premium subscription and am paying for it each month.  How can I correct this and update my payment data without risking being charged twice?  Are there two accounts under my email address?


Can you provide a phone number for me to speak to someone about this?

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Hi. It sounds like you may have logged in using incorrect credentials or you subscription ran out. You can check the latter from your receipts page. Try logging out and back in using your facebook email addrees/password or spotify username/password - whichever is correct.


If you still need help, you can get in touch using the online contact form and someone at Spotify can help get this sorted. If you get an automated reply directing you back to the community or to the help pages, make sure to reply to it directly (even though it says not to) to speed things along.

I just figured out what happened.  I had two accounts, both with the same email address.  I was able to change the payment info on one and now I'll see if I can delete the other, or just ignore it.  Thanks for your advice.

Cool. You can still use the contact form to get the other account removed/merged 🙂

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