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Account transfer help

Account transfer help

Okay, so as if Jan 22 my Gmail I've been using for years was deactivated for legal reasons ID rather not  disclose. I got in touch with Google to find out what I can do to re activate my gmail, so instead of paying the $50 they are wanting to charge me I just said forget it and created a new Gmail. 


Now the issue that I'm having is my Spotify account was linked with the recently deactivated Gmail, which had about 2 1/2 months worth of premium service left. I'm trying to see how I can go about transferring everything from the account in question over to my newly created account. I mean my playlists, premium time, and my credit card info.


Please if anyone can help me with this and find a solution to  this issue, it'll be deeply appreciated. 

Thank you for your time, Shawn K.

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Hey there @ShawnK,

Thanks for reaching out via the Community.


We'd recommend reaching out to Support about this. Rest assured they'll be able to help more backstage.


You can do this one of these ways:



Many thanks,


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