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Albums going missing.

Albums going missing.

As someone who embraced spotify almost from the start I've enjoyed the experienced so far, but it seems a lot of the songs and albums from my play lists are disapearing. 

One day I was listening to The Shins, the next day half the album was unavilable, the next it was completely gone. If this kind of purge continues I'll cancel my subscription.

What is happening to these albums? Is it a licence matter? I have most of the old songs I want on MP3 anyway so if this is not resolved I have no reason to continue with my Spotify account.


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Please note that for Spotify to have music on their servers; they require the permissions from the record label. The chances are that the record label have removed the permissions from Spotify, which means that Spotify can't keep the music anymore. It could just be fixing some metadata on a song. Spotify always try to get content back, so hopefully it will appear again soon!


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