Android: Can't Login, no error message


Android: Can't Login, no error message




I'm trying to log in into my Spotify in my Android phone, but I couldn't. I reset my password, and able to succesfully login to Spotify via Chrome. However, when I tried loggin in using Spotify app, I couldn't log in and there was no error message at all. I also tried in my Android tablet, but with the same result. Both are running Android 7.1


Please help me somehow.



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I have the sollution.


I have also not been able to login via my phone for months.

I have been able to login via the web browser,

Im using spotify free.


After doing the following steps i was able to login fine.

Login to the webbrower version of spotify on your pc.

Go to profile, edit. can change the country to the one you in.



I live in South Africa, my profile was set to USA. once i changed it, attempted to login via my phone and i did so succesfully.


Hope this helps.


Thank you very much !!!


It solved the problem

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