Android login


Android login


App seems to have forgotten login info. After putting in credentials app responds "You are currently set to offline.  Please go online to connect" with Cancel and Connect buttons. Cancel takes me back to login, connect brings same error dialog back up.


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Hey @Mtsanders, welcome to the community!


You can find all the info about this issue here. As soon as there's an update, the post will be updated.


In the meantime, reinstalling Spotify should allow you to log back in without any trouble.


All the best.

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Re: Android login


"...without any trouble." except you have to download all you content each time!


Still working on a fix since 2017-11-17 ?!


Maybe I  have found the fix quicker than you (step 2 is the most beneficial);

1. Uninstall Spotify app

2. Cancel Spotify Family Premium account

3. Install Google Play Music

4. Start new Family account with Google Play Music


Thanks for your concern re this issue!