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Annoying albums added without my consent

Annoying albums added without my consent

As a Premium member I expect to be able to customize my music.


Why is it that when I go to my Albums section I see albums of artists I did not add.


I just got a new car and I hook up my phone to it. I then go to select an album in My Library (emphasize on MY) and I see a list of albums I never ever added, nor wanted to. I can't be driving and looking through a **bleep** list of artists I never wanted in the first place.


How do I keep from having albums / songs / artists added to My Library that I mayself have not added at all.


Right now I am set to have my subscription canceled mid July. Unless I can fix this, I am gone.


Please help.

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Hi @Cy 

Spotify does not add any albums or songs to your library automatically. You need to manually like them in order to be added.
It may be someone else has gained access to your Spotify account. Check out this Spotify Answer for the next steps to take.



Contact support so they can investigate your account. 

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