Another User Is Controlling My Spotify


Another User Is Controlling My Spotify

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Sometimes when I'm listening to my spotify, the song/playlist randomly changes or the music stops entirely, and when I look at the screen it says I'm listening on an iPhone. I then get in a battle with whoever else is listening, trying to regain control of my music. It is the most frustrating experience. I've signed out of all devices, I've disconnected the offline device, and since I log in using facebook I've tried changing that password too. However, after a few days my mystery friend is back in control forcing me to listen to country music. I believe this all stems from the one time I logged in on someone else's phone at a party. Who knew it would be permanent..

Can someone please help with this? How do I get back being the only device on my account??

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Re: Another User Is Controlling My Spotify

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Hey, @user-removed - That's not good!


I suggest you contact Spotify using this contact form so that they can take a look at your account backstage. You may receive an automated reply asking you to check out the support forums again. Not to worry - just reply back (even if it's a noreply address) and the support team will be able to help you. They should be back to you within 24 to 48 hours.


I hope this helps! 🙂


- Jiana