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CAN'T login with Facebook gear s3 classic

CAN'T login with Facebook gear s3 classic

No matter how many times I try to login with lte on my gear s3, it doesn't work. I've tried uninstalling it, reinstalling it, resetting my gear s3, Uninstalling it on my phone, removing all offline devices, changed my Facebook password, making sure my mobile network is set to always on, nothing, this is absolutely frustrating. I was even on the phone with Samsung support for almost an hour troubleshooting and nothing. Only conclusion that Samsung and I came up with is that it's a Spotify issue. Someone please help me. My watch is up to date on all updates.

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In the same boat. I would also assume its just an issue with spotify's tizen app, possibly only users trying to log in through facebook. (haven't found a "solved" thread that meantions which login credentials they used e.g: spotify vs facebook). Maybe one day il be able to download playlists for offline use on this spiffy watch.

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