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I have logged into correctly, clicked on unlimited option, chose Visa as payment option, clicked next and it says

"Sorry, wrong password"


I have logged in and out multiple times, used several browsers and still does not work.


please help

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Now that happens to me. What did you do to fix it?

Having the same issue!

Managed to pay, or more exact uppload the settings for a new e-card (the old one had expired). This how I did it:


In the spotify program:


2. Choose "Sign up for Spotify unlimited"

3. Then I could change the old e-card with a new.


But Spotify haven't taken any money yet, so I still have Spotify Freee - a problem I share with I others I read in the forum. Perhaps it's because Spotify try to draw money from me once a mounth according to the old e-card. I can't find anywhere I can change that. If In find a solution I'll publish it here. If my hypotese is correct my account will upgrade within a mounth.

I am having the exact same issue and cannot upgrade my account. (Just in case the extra information is relevant, I am using a username and password, not a Facebook-linked account.)

Finally Spotify took the money and now I've Unlilited again. I didn´t do anything but wait. So if you have this problem:


1. MAke a new payment with your e-card.

2. Wait, maximum a month I presume.

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