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Can only log in to Spotify player through Facebook

Can only log in to Spotify player through Facebook

This is really weird.


I have been a member of Spotify since 2009 and linked the account to my Facebook account in autumn 2011.


Now, if I log out, the email address that shows on the login screen is the address my Facebook account is registered to (my Spotify account is registered to a different email address).

I cannot log in using the Spotify registered address and the password which works to open my Spotify account on the web, even if I tell the player login screen not to remember my details, close it and reopen it.


My account on the web tells me, when I try to change my account email address to the same one I have for Facebook, that that address is already registered to another Spotify account. But it also tells me that I have already linked Facebook to Spotify.

But it does look like I only have one account: if I open "My account" when logged in through Facebook, it goes to the account with the different email address, and which is the one I pay subscription for. I'm on Unlimited when I open it through Facebook, and I know I only pay for one subscription.


Is there a way to get them on to the same email address and allow me to open the player without always having to log in to Facebook first?


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Antonomasia1- Please have a look in your inbox as I've just sent you an email regarding your account. 



really annoying!!

Hi Heinzjunkins- I've had a look and your account is fine on our end. In fact, your Unlimited account isn't currently linked to your Facebook at all. 


Just be sure you're using your "heinzjunkins" username (not your email address) to login. If you need to reset that password just click here

Hi! My problem is similar. I registered my account on one e-mail adress, my facebook account on another.

Now I want to change so that my Spotify account is registered on the same account as my Facebook account!

But when I try it, it says that there's already a Spotify account registered on that e-mail.

Could I get some help with this?

Hi Bobbovich- You should be able to link your Facebook to your 'bobbovich' account via your Preferences page: Edit > Preferences (in Windows) or Spotify > Preferences (in Mac)


Under the section 'Social Network' select 'Connect to Facebook'. Then log in with the email address/ password linked to your Facebook profile. 


If for some reason you can't connect the two, please post your FB email here--I'll delete it ASAP. 

Thats not what I wanted.


You see, since there are two e-mail adresses, and the one I've set up my Spotify account on, is one that I'm planning to delete.

So I've been trying to type in my other e-mail, the one I've registered my Facebook on.

When I click "Save Profile", it says: "Another account is already registered with this email address."

Hi Bobbovich- That's fine, I just need to know the other email address you can't switch to in order to help. 


If you post it here I can remove it as soon as we've sorted this out. 

Here it is:



Hi Bobbovich- Thanks. I've now removed a duplicate account that you had created on our system via Facebook.


You should now be able to change your 'bobbeh89' without any issue. 

I have the same problem. I can 't login except through Facebook. In addition, I want to access spotify through an app but all I can get is the premium one. I try to login and it says you have used your free time. I want the free product but cannot find a way to it Thanks

Hey Rdbullet, welcome to the Community.


Looking at your account I can see it was created through Facebook, so your login details will just be the same as you use for FB.


As a US users you shouldn't be receiving any time limits though, could you get us a screenshot of that screen?


Also, your account is currently on Free. It was on a 48 hour free trial from 15/4/12 to 17/4/12. Does this clear things up?

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Got the same very annoying problem. Completely sure that PW is correct, yet cannot log in without FB.

Can you sign into your online account



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Not with my Spotify Account User and Password. It will work only if I choose "Login with Facebook"

Would you be able to try logging out of the Spotify website (so you don't get redirected to your profile) and entering your username on the password reset page and try resetting your password that way? 


Something is obviously not quite right!



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I did like you proposed but this will not bring me any further:


"It looks like you are using your Facebook credentials to log in to Spotify. To change your Facebook password go to your settings page at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>."


After resetting password, I can login neither directly nor via facebook.

23-09-2013 20-30-15.png

This is nearly ourageous: 4 years after my fist post this problem has still not been fixed by Spotify. I still get the message, that my user or password are incorrect, if I try to log in directly but I can log in via facebook. What if I delete my fb-account? I've been a Spotify Premium Member for years. So pls fix this problem NOW! Thanks

 Hi, I also have these problems with my account; even to log in to the community in order to post this comment I had to use the Log In With Facebook option.
I am considering deleting my Facebook account, so I would like to solve the issue before doing so. I use the same email address on my Facebook as I originally signed up to Spotify with.

Additionally, I cannot connect to the Firestick at work through my iPhone app, and I wonder if this is linked. The manual log-in option on the Firestick Spotify app works, strangely.

I have wondered whether the issue comes from having a special character in my Facebook name...

I have the same problem! Help!

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