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Can't Download Spotify Player for Windows 8

Can't Download Spotify Player for Windows 8

I just became a new member earlier today, and I would like to access Spotify from my computer, which thankfully is possible. Or is it?


I have tried to download the player using Crome, FF, IE, and all three say the page cannot be displayed. The initial page that states that if the download doesn't start, to restart the download, then the page flashes to "cannot be displayed."


Alternate course: Download the player from didn't work.



Does anyone know if the site is just down for maintenance, or is this a common issue?


I've got to have my music during the day and this would be amazing to have. However, if I can't access the desktop version to add unedited songs to my playlist (can't figure out how to do this on android), I'll be canceling my membership, which I'd rather not do.



Any help would be appreciated.


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Also, I just noticed that the web player doesn't load either...

Does using the installer here work? An installer save pop up window should show up when you click on that link and allow you to save the desktop app installer.

Alright, last night would load on my computer, this section would load on my computer. Now, noting will load from spotify. Every other page will load.

I could download the installer that you linked on my phone, I'll try to load it when I get home.

Any ideas on why spotify anything won't load? ISP is TWC.

Maybe try clearing your browse cache and cookies folder and see if things clear up. When it comes to page loading issues in a browser there are any number of reasons it could be from just a corrupted cookie file to something far worse spyware, adware, and even viruses.

Thanks for the link! It resolved the problem for me.Smiley Happy

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