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Can't change my account country

Can't change my account country



I am facing some problems when trying to change my account country. I am currently living in the Netherlands with my account country is set accordingly.

However, I can't get a Spotify premium account because the system won't let me type in my bank number which contains letters. 

If, however, I try with another bank account, I have to change my country to Luxembourg. The dropdown in my account settings does not give me Luxembourg as an option, and when typing in Luxembourgish account details, the country won't change either. 

Can someone please help me? 


Thank you!






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Many people have had problems changing their country settings. The first few paragraphs are just there if you need them, but I think that for your situation, you would need to contact Spotify. You can contact them by reading the second to last paragraph. (Sorry if that sounded confusing, If you keep scrolling down, you will probably find it)


Firstly, head to your account profile. If you're in the country you'd like to change it to, you'll be able to. It's based on your current IP address.


You must be there in order to change your country setting, so I would recommend changing your payment to the right country payment first, so Spotify can register you are actually there.


If you're having trouble with the first step, you can change the country with your payment details here. This link should let you change your payment.

Your payment details will need to be from the country you'd like to change to. It's just to verify you're actually from there.


If you really can't change it, I would suggest creating a new account if you don't mind losing your old account.


If you are still having trouble, just contact Customer Support here. They'll be more than happy to help out. You can also contact Spotify from Twitter with their twitter handle: @SpotifyCares


Hopefully, I solved your problem, and if I did, try hitting the "Accept as Solution" button. Let me know how it goes! Bye!!

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