Can't log in, all playlists gone, says "uppgrade" as well

Can't log in, all playlists gone, says "uppgrade" as well

Having a MINOR breakdown here.


-Can't login properly. When I start Spotify it "works", but then a new window comes up "Welcome to Spotify". From here I need to login again and it fails.

-Playlists and all songs are gone

-Spotify thinks Im a noob and wants to give me a guided tour.

-I have premium but it says "upgrade"


I have tried to reinstall the programme, did not work. Also tried to reset password, did not work either.


Fix it.

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I've got the same problem, 10 playlists down, Thanks.

Exact same problem. It was working this morning. Just got back to my comp like 15 mins ago, and it wants me to relogin and stuff. It won't let me login at all, and I've tried to password reset. IDK WTF they did on their end to cause all of this, but it's annoying. 😞

The same thing has happened to me as well. To call me irritated would be an understatement.

Does anyone have any idea who I am supposed to contact about this? 

I recover one of my plalist i've share with Facebook, but i can say goodbye for my prenium account 😕

So near to tears. If I remember correctly I had about 2700 song or somethoing like that.

It was also working for me this morning, but no, not tonight. Thank god Im not housting a party this evening^^

I have sent a message directly to support, I will reply here when I get an answer!

Same here. My account says that it's a Free account, no payment history, but my last payment was for the Premium subscription on Feb 13.


What's going on!?

Same here, all playlists gone..

Premium is gone as well, expecting a free month for this

Same here, premium and all playlists are gone... Why?

The same ...

All my playlist are loose


Same problem here. I was forced to connect Spotify to my Facebook timeline (I had 2 choices: "Accept" or "Disconnect"). Now I accepted, but my playlists are gone, and my credit card details have disappeared from my account too... Does anyone know how to reach support by e-mail?

same problem here .... HOURS and HOURS and HOURS of playlists vanished and gone. i have a premium account, but shows me as free. credit card deets gone. asked me to reauthorize FB to share what i play. please fix asap. where's your QA Spotify?

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