Can't log in and am not receiving password reset.


Can't log in and am not receiving password reset.


Hi, this is regarding my account "flurreh"


Earlier this week when I tried to log in, spotify sed that my password was incorrect, I have never changed the password on my account and don't think I ever would do it..


I can't access the website but when I log in to the client, a red bar drops down on the top saying that I have a bad password.


When I try to send a password reset to my mail connected to the account ([Snip-Email-Peter]) ses that there is no account connected to this mail, I have been paying for premium for a long time and I want my account back.


I sent two tickets to your support with ID 00710906 00714001 3 days later and still no answer.


I have bank details, receipts in my mail confirming that this is my account,.



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Hey! 🙂 


I have escalated this for the community staff too look into for you. I have also removed your email address, best to keep those details private 😉 



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Hey flurrehe, we've found your case and someone will reply very soon. Keep an eye on your inbox!


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