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Can´t log in

Can´t log in

Last time i logged in was i Oct. 2016. I logged in with FB and I haven't been able to log in since. I alvways get ''Inncorrect username and password'' no matter what I do. I am trying to log in on a windows desktop with chrome browser.


If I try logging in with FB I get ''Inncorrect username and password'' 

I have even reset my FB password and still get the same message.


If I try logging in with my username and password it states that I am using my FB credentials.

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Hey @kkvaran and welcome to our Community!


We know it’s annoying when you can’t access your music. We'll get this figured out.


Make sure the email address you use to log into facebook is the same when you enter it into Spotify. Also the password you use to log into facebook is the password for Spotify. Don't try to log in using facebook. Enter your email/password manually and see if that works.


Keep us posted.

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