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Can't login

Can't login

When I fill in my username and password on my iPhone In the login screen, it tells me "I have already signed up using this account "
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Hey @CatherineRmtl!


Welcome to the Spotify Community! That's strange, let's see what's up. First of, are you 200% sure you tapped 'Log In' and not 'Sign Up'? Please close the app completely and try again.


If that didn't help some more info would be super helpful.

Did you recently reinstall the app?

What kind of iPhone are you using?

Did you do anything specific before this happened?


HI, @musiccornercv


i am positive I am in the login screen.

I have the Iphone 6s. Apple gave me a new phone and when I first re installed Spotify i accidentally logged on through Facebook. I could not figure out how to log out and re log in using my direct account with you guys since my premium account is not associated through Facebook.

I deleted the app, re installed it and now i get this message when i try to login on the app:

" Login failed
You've already created an account with this email address".

I since deleted and re installed the app and restarted my phone but am having the same problem.

Hey @CatherineRmtl!


I suspect you tried to log in with your email adress. Please try to log in with your username instead. (If you forgot it, go to your profile page then login using your complete email address and password.)


If this solved your problem, please mark this post as a solution. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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