Can you only change your email address with premium account?


Can you only change your email address with premium account?

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 Why can't I update my email address? The field in edit account won't let me amend. Is it because I have a free account and not a premium one?

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i have a premuim acc on spotify, and the dam thing will not let me change my now defunk email address - i already changed it on facebook, as i log in via why it not change on spotify ? - its grey out on here


and dont say = go make new acc - as i cant be assed making up all my playlist all over again - would rather move to GPM again


solution guys ?


Hey folks!


If your Facebook account already has an updated email address, but it's not refreshing the info on Spotify, make sure there isn't a Spotify account that's already using the new address.


In case you do have an account using the new email address, you can follow these steps to close it, and release the email address.


If there isn't an account with the new email address, try heading to your Facebook profile Settings > Apps, and remove Spotify. Once this is done, head back to Spotify and click the "Log in with Facebook" button. You should get a pop up to allow Spotify on Facebook again.


Let us know how it goes.

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Hey @hm-_qpmh3j035, welcome to the Community!


If your account was made through Facebook, you won't be able to update your country setting from your Account Overview. You'll instead need to update it from your Facebook settings.


If that's not the case though, try updating your email address using an incognito window to see if it makes a difference.


Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks for your reply.


I've logged into the Spotify info in Facebook and the weird thing is that it has the right address detailed there. It is just Spotify that has a really old email address, but I don't know where it got that from, as my facebook has the new one in all my settings.


So the only thing it looks like I'll be able to do is open a new spotify account, but that means losing all my playlists doesn't it? 😞