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Cannot Log in to Web Player

Cannot Log in to Web Player


I'm new here, and find that I cannot log in to the web player. When I log in using my password I can only get to a window with a button saying " Log in with Spotify": and when I click the button a window pops up and disappears. Nothing happens. 

Desktop works fine (and is it nice!)

Can anyone help me here? 


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Hey @caiminghaogu,


Welcome to the band 🎶🎉


Could you try clearing your browser's cache? 


Let me know if that helps 😊



I just tried clearing everything from the beginning of time, it doesn't work... 😞

Hey @caiminghaogu,


What browser are you using?



Google Chrome. Very updated, I think. 

Okay, that's a bit strange.


Follow this link and let me know what happens. Failing that try another web browser or Incognito mode to see if there's still a problem and we can try and narrow it down.



It appears to redirect to regardless of what browser I use, even though I am already logged in. 

Okay, if you're already logged in have you tried the Log out of everywhere option to try and force a new login? You can find it on your account page



It doesnt work... 


Thanks for your help though. Really appreciated. 

Ah, I'm guessing you've also tried the solution in this thread too?


I know you've tried clearing the cache already, maybe just the spotify password may do it?



I am now having this exact problem. No matter what I do, it happens. Chrome, Opera, incognito, doesn’t matter. That weird new login window pops up and immediately disappears. No way to use the web player now. 

Has the issue been solved by anyone? I can’t use the web player anymore because of this issue. Why am I seeing this new animated login screen? It doesn’t appear on my girlfriends laptop, which is also running Windows. I’m able to sign in there.  Spotify Cares has been absolutely no help, as usual. This is maddening. 

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