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Cannot login

Spotify Unlimited was working fine until a couple of days ago, when the online applications no longer worked. I couldn't listen to radio stations, nor could I listen to songs from which I didn't have a copy on my pc. I tried to fix this by re-adding Spotify to my "safe" list in Firewall, and even shut down Firewall completely but it still didn't work.


Today I re-installed Spotify, and now I can't even log in. Facebook login and Spotify login both don't work. The error report that pops up says  "possibly the connection is blocked by my firewall (error code 117) or I can update my Firewall settings so Spotify traffic will be allowed." As I said I already allowed Spotify traffic and shut down my Firewall, but I still can't login to Spotify.

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I am now able to login, but I am still experiencing problems with the connection. When I log in, Spotify says I'm in offline modus and I am not able to connect. As a result, I can still not listen to radio, music that's not on my pc. etc.

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