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Cant change country, not using VPN

Cant change country, not using VPN

Last year I had a trip to the US and made a Spotify account there, and yesterday I wanted to try it out again but it says I need to change my country. On the account settings there is only USA in the listed countries.

Help, please?


Sidenote: It gives me an error while trying to log in with my Facebook, I dont know why.


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Kind of the same thing is  happening to  me. I moved to The Dominican Republic for 3 years and I was able to use my U. S acct as long as I had changed the country on my FBP, which I did,  no problem. Now though, I live in the Netherlands and updated my info in Facebook and was able to log in for two weeks until now. Spotify is asking where I am, and says I have to go to the website to update my location but when there ut won't let me change anything saying that it needs to ve changed in the basic Info section of your Facebook settings....but that area has NOTHING to do with what country I'm in,  the About Me does and that's already been changed! I HAD to create a new account because Spotify is not making this easy.  What do I do?

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