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Cant log in! Help please!

Cant log in! Help please!

Spotify wont let me log in with my original username and password, when i go to reset my password it says that i log in through facebook and i need to enter my facebook email address and password.. but when i log in through facebook all my playlists are lost and my premium scrrption is gone to! Its as if its a totally different account, which from i can see it is as my usernames are totally different! What can i do!? I cant get into the account to cancel for something im not using!

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Hey carly, welcome to the Community.


It looks like you've ended up with two accounts - as you've said. I've gone ahead and deleted the duplicate one - try getting a new password now.


I'll also delete the other post you've made on this. Please try to avoid this if possible in future.

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