Change country in settings, being a free user after being a premium user

Change country in settings, being a free user after being a premium user

I can't change the country in my profile settings. It says I have to first change my payment settings. And even if I do so as instructions (I go to payments and then change country to France), the country still remains Italy.


I think this is due to the fact that I was a premium user before? I should be able to change it just on the profile setting, without going to payment, but I can't!!!


This is very annoying. And I now regret for having paid so much money to Spotify in the past.


I hope someone of you can help me. Thanks!



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Hello there! I'm sorry you're having a bad time with your location. If you want to change your country you have to be sure you have new payment method according to the one you want to change.

I suggest you to delete your old payment credentials then go back to the subscription page. In there you should see a country flag down-right your screen and change it to France. Now update your credentials and you should have now the country from your payment.

Hope this solved your issue if not, you can ask support the change of your country by providing them your account usernqme/email you want to change region to

Happy Spotifying!

As mentioned above, all you should need to do is remove your old payment details. Once you have done that as a Free user the system should let you change your country based on your IP address location.

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