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Change country

How should I change my country?

In the Payment options i can't update my debit card to the new one, because the new one is from the new country.

Oh really? That is the reason i want to update. So change the country first.

And how? It's grey marked, can't change.

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Hello! Here's what I suggest you do:

  1. Cancel your Spotify subscription and wait until your account reverts to Spotify Free.
  2. If you're in another country, once you revert to Spotify Free, you should get a "Can't use this outside of the country for more than 14 days" error, that's the time when you should change your country using the free method:
  3. Then afterwards subscribe with your new card in your new country.

Hope I helped!

And if I doesn't want to cancel my subscription, and wait?

Isn't there any NORMAL way to change the country?? Unbelievable.

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