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Confirm account button in email not working

Confirm account button in email not working

Confirm account button in email not working, as i hover in the email a the curser sinble is thers when i click the hand symble comes up but does not have an action.

Cheers in advance, looking forward to the new way of listening to the music 70s and 80s music I grew up with was back when music was good. **bleep** drugs and rock and role.... dah at least I did experience 2 of thoes....

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Hey @Paul321,


You should be able to right click the hyperlinked text and click rather Copy Link in Outlook, or Open Link in New Tab in your browser. The wording might be different depending on your email client, but they should suggest the same thing.


If you copy a link, you should then be able to open your web browser and paste in the link.



Thanks Tim for your reply,
Alas the solution of right clicking did not work.
The ‘copy’ word is greyed out, select all, is active but does not copy anything when selected, then copy is active and only copies the ‘CONFIRM ACCOUNT’ text not the url.
my partner has same problem.
cheers Paul

Interesting. If you're using an email client like Microsoft Outlook, do you mind just going to your email providers native web application, and try there? For GMail, it's, Outlook is and Yandex is

Same problem for me - c'mon, there must be a fix?

Let's try this again. In-app, can you try and login through your username and password, not your email and password?

No, the issue I'm referring to is that I received an email from

"Confirm your account.

You’re almost there. Confirm your account below to finish creating your Spotify account."


But the button below that says "CONFIRM ACCOUNT" does not work - it can't be clicked. If I hover my mouse over it I see a long string but can't copy it either.

Yep @BrownRB64! When you login through that, if I remember correctly, it should send you another confirmation email.

I've got the same problem. The confirm button in the email doesn't work. Can't 'copy' the hyperlink either as suggested in this thread. Sent a message to Support, but they can't be bothered helping me. Is this really the best the 21st century can offer - a simple button that doesn't work, and a company which makes no effort to help its customers?

I had the same problem and chat couldn't help. Was frustrating. But then I clicked on a html attachment to the email and it had the same screen except on this one the Confirm button was functional. All is well now.

That's great news! Let me know if you need help with anything else...

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