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Confirmed cancelled premium account still charged for 6 more months?

Confirmed cancelled premium account still charged for 6 more months?

I cancelled my account over six months ago and have email trail from support to prove it, but have continue to be charged for six months even though my account status was free. I have received no response to my request for a refund. There are too many similar stories here and elsewhere, this seems to be a predatory business strategy. I think we need to at least involve the BBB, if not our State Attorney General offices... Class action lawsuits have been caused over way less than this. This was an unused bank account, and because of their charges I received an overdraft fee of $30! This is really wrong!
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Hi EnergySmithe - We've forwarded your query to the customers service payments team. One of them will be in touch shortly to discuss your account. 

If you think you're also experiencing this issue, please get in touch via the contact form

So because Meredith escallated the case, someone finally emailed me, I emailed them back immediately providing the requested information and email trail, and then I did not hear anything back.  Now I just got a salesforce email that indicates that the case is closed and wanting to know if I am happy with the experience I received?


"Please let us know what your experience was by simply clicking on one of the 3 mood images and completing a single comment field..."  ?  What?


As far as I know at this point nothing is resolved?  You owe me for 6 months + plus an overdraft fee.  I have provided proof to you that I not only requested from support that the account be cancelled, but that I did so myself from your website, all BEFORE the first month was complete.  Then you still billed me for ANOTHER 6 months using inactive bank account. 


Meredith are you able to see some kind of note on this case? 

File complaints with the Better Business Bureau, the Internet Crime Complaint Center and the Department of Consumer Affairs. As of now Spotify has a grade of F with the BBB all for basically the same issue I'm having with them! They need to fix this error with consumers now!

EnergySmithe - I've just had a search for your email and I'm afraid we never received your response. Do you mind sending over that requested information again? I've just sent you another email--responding directly to that one would be best.
The email you received asking about your experience was referring to the first email we sent. I can assure you we're still here to help. As soon as we get your response we can get started.

I have re-sent it again as requested. When I hit reply it goes to  I also have been blind carboning NY BBB.  The email did not come back as rejected to either address.  The provided email (attached) proves that I not only requested that Spotify support cancel my accout, but that I also did the steps on the website to do it myself, all to no avail.  This will not be resolved until Spotify refunds the money they fraudelently took from my account.  

Hi EnergySmithe - I'm happy to help resolve this for you--we seem to just be crossing wires when it comes to this email. Do you mind providing me with the case number attached to the email you received?


The case I have open doesn't have a response at the moment.

This is the subject of the last two emails I sent: FW: Escalated Thread in the board: Accounts, Subscriptions, and Music Purchases [ ref:_00DD0pxIW._500D0Jdba1:ref ]  Does that help?

My Refund Request was this one:

Spotify Case # 00158071: Refund Request


But no one from support ever responded to it, other than to close the case and ask me if I enjoyed my service...  

Great--thanks for that. I've just sent you another email. Please keep an eye on your inbox for me.

So the appears to not recognize any email with an attachment. I have been forwarding you an email as an attachment as it preserves all of the header information including dates. The system does not reject the messages, but they are never acknowledged by the Spotify support system. I even tried copying and pasting the contents from my iPhone and pasting that as a reply but it did not acknowledge it. How am I supposed to provide email history as proof? Either way, this has turned into a com

plete headache, and I would appreciate being done with it. Even without my email proof your own records are proof enough. Check the dates and repeated request for help that went unanswered until I requested cancellation of the account, then I cancelled using the website and I have an email from your system saying that your sorry to see me go but my account will still be there if I want to try your service again. Check your access dates, after that, did I ever log into Spotify again until I discovered the NSF and 6 month of additional charges? No. The fact that my only real help is Meredith is crazy.

Refund my money and apologize. I have never been treated this poorly by any company.

Hi EnergySmithe - I can assure you we're doing our best to help here. As this a payments related query I'm unable to keep helping via the public forums since security details are needed. 


However, I'm happy to keep helping via that email thread. I've just sent you another message--please have a look when you get a moment. 

Meredith, I do appreciate your attempts to help.  As requested I tried copying and pasting as a reply to your last email.  I did not get a automated reply so I tried again but this time I replied and then removed all the existing content before pasting in the new information.  I still did not get an automated acknowledgement, so I went through and removed the parts of the email that were in brackets or double brackets (former threads tracking id?).  Unfortuntely I still did not get an automated acknowledgement.  None of the emails were rejected, so I know they are being accepted into the system, they just appear to be getting stuck in Limbo someplace on your side?  Should I just post the thread here in the forums?

EnergySmithe - All you need to do is reply to Meredith's email. If you reply to them, they'll go straight through to her.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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I am a programmer and database administrator who has been working professionally in the Information Technology sector for 18 years.  I live and die by email, routinely interacting with 20-30 individuals a day for various projects via it.   In the last week I have responded to every email request from Spotify, sometimes with multiple email attempts (testing).  I show I have sent 17 emails on this issue to in the last few days.


If I respond to Merediths emails with a few words it seems to get through (sometimes?!).  When I provide the requested information, or have any type of attachment in the email, it does not.  Copy and paste does not even seem to work, even if I try to sanitize any confusing automated identifiers from the email body.

I am emailing from a corporate email account hosted by a fortune 500 company with an 'A' BBB rating. I have also tried from my personal account (gmail) and from an iPhone to ensure it was not something specific to Microsoft Exchange.


If I was the only one who was reporting having these same issues, or being directed to try to unsubscribe as many as four times before succeeding I would think it was me. 


Something is broken on your side.  So no...  If I respond to directly to Merediths emails they are NOT getting routed to her.


I am fed up.  Fed up enough to say the hell with it and burn some more money on the principal.


I have always wanted to go to NY.  I will see you in Small Claims Court.





Hi EnergySmithe - We're looking into why sending attachments via email has been a bit difficult here. Of course we want this to be as easy as possible on both ends.


Also, I can report we've been able to locate your previous case. I'll be sending you another email regarding your account in just a few minutes. 


Please keep an eye on your inbox for me. 

I'm the samI, and I've paid for a premium service! I went in for a free trial, selected premium instead on the 1st Feb 2012, sent an email to the "premium service" address on the 2nd Feb  cancel the subscription, and got a response from kelvin in customer relations which had absolutely nothinf to do with the question I'd asked and information and I'd asked for.  I have sent multiple emails to the "premium service" and have never recieved any other replies at all.  In the meantime £10 has been coming out my account every month since Feb, £80 in total now, for a service I've never used, and a "premium service" that is zero use whatsoever! I am appalled at spotifies service and approach to customers, and will be looking to take further action if this is not resolved quicklysimply as I simply do not have the time to keep chasing down a reply while money continues to come out of my account! Disgraceful!

Hi Lks - Sorry to hear you've had some trouble with this so far. 


However, as it's a payments specific question I can't help on the public forums. If you could respond to that case again one of our agents can have a look. 


We'll then help via that email thread. 

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