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Country settings incorrect

Country settings incorrect

I have a free account

Spotify thinks I am in the USA.

I am in Australia

I tried logging into account and changing country.

They're is only a USA selection no other countries.

I looked at signing up to premium, it asks for a post code or zip code.. And will not accept my Australian post code.

I cannot believe how difficult it is to register...

I am getting very frustrated.

I don't know how an organisation can operate this way.

I need exact specific instructions as to how I can set my address up correctly


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Hey @Bspark, welcome to the Community!


Can you try following the exact steps listed here? Also, if you have a VPN, be sure to disable it when trying to change your country.


Let us know how it goes.

I cannot believe how much time I am wasting, trying to correct my location..
I log into to Spotfy
I am based in Australia
Spotify tells me I am in the USA
I am not using a VPN
I open my account and try and edit my profile
There is only one Country listed that I can select - USA
I have tried this on a number of occasions, wasting lots of time...
Tried from phone and PC

Seems like a waste of time... cannot believe I am the only person in the
world having this problem

Hey there, @Bspark


Sorry to hear these steps didn't help.


In this case, we'd recommend reaching out to Support so that they can look in more detail backstage.


Don't worry, you can do this one of the below ways:






Thanks for your patience,


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