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Deactivated Email

Recently, I decided to upgrade my Spotify account. I went online to my account for the first time in years and did so. While I was on the page, I decided to change some of the information that had been on my now-ancient Spotify account. Namely, I thought it might be best to change the email, which had been an old email of mine, long since deactivated. So I go through the easy process of changing my email, and it asks for me to confirm my password, and that's when I realized I had forgotten my password for Spotify.


Again, no big deal. I go through the steps of resetting my password and, of course, it emails the link to reset to my deactivated email. Now I am little frustrated, but I still can contact the wonderful people at Spotify, right? So I go to the support page, type in my problem, and they respond... to my deactivated email. This is where I am now, in a forever loop with a password I can't access and an non-existant email. Thus I am going to the only place I can think of going to: the forums.


This really wouldn't be a big deal for me if I hadn't already signed up for the Premium account, meaning I am paying 5 dollars a month for a Spotify account I can't access. I would cancel it but it requires a password, of course. 


If anyone has any advice/assistance/etc., that would be extremely appreciated. Would love to migrate all of my old playlists/information from that old account to a new account I've set up in the interim, but even just plain deactivating it would be fine. 


Thanks for reading

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community! I'll try to help you on this one 🙂


I've contacted my teammates and acording to one of them (Thanks Roland!), you can try using the anonymous Contact Form. Access to that link while on incognito tab or logged out and it should let you choose an e-mail address 🙂


If there's anything else I can do for you, please let me know 😄

Have a nice day!

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