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I have sent a request to customer support asking them to delete my account. I have two, afurry & afurry91. I would like them both deleted. I contacted you guys using the method outlined in other threads but nobody has responded.

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It looks like my colleagues have sorted you out. Let us know if you have any trouble.

Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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Then why can I still log in here and post this comment?

Hi afurry - We just need to confirm a few details here. Keep an eye on your personal inbox as I've just sent you an email.  

Hi Ive sent 2 messages last night


the first was to delete my account but i changed my mind


the 2nd message was to change my location to the USA. i set up my spotify account while i was in  australia, but live in the US. i didnt realise about the 14 days length.



Hi RG77 - You can change your country settings easily via your subscription page


Just update your account with your US credit card details. You won't be charged at all--this will just update your account settings. 


Users without a credit card just need to head over to our contact form. A member of our susport team will get back to you shortly. 



i received an email asking me to provide a few details about myself etc which ive sent.


do i now just await contact from a member of the support team



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