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Delete family member

Delete family member


As a family administrator I have several family members (4) but want to delete two of them. I heard that this isn't possible (why not? Would be important!) and that I have to cancel my whole premium subscription/account.  But what then? Do I have to wait until the end of the subscription period?

And then? Do I have to subscribe for a new premium with my login? Do I have then all my previous playlists again ? And can I invite then a new family member? And does she have her previous playlist again, too?

thanx for all the responses. Kanaane

1 Reply

Hey there! Sorry to hear about your problems with Spotify Family.


Yes, you can't remove family members.


You can cancel your subscription now, and still enjoy Premium for the remainder of time you have purchased premium for.


After you cancel and your current subscription period ends, you would purchase Premium again.


You should still have your playlists if you use the same account after your Premium expires and you subscribe again.

I would assume that since you have no family memebers to manage wihtout a Premium account, you would be able to manage your family members from scratch, but I am not completely sure.


Your other family members should retain thier playlists as well.


I hope I answered your questions!


Learn more about Spotify Family here and here.

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