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Deleted Facebook and can't get on Spotify

Deleted Facebook and can't get on Spotify

I deleted my facebook account a while back and I just got a new phone. Problem is, I can't login to my spotify that I normally use because it was through facebook. I cannot get on this account to even deactivate premium and switch to another account. How can I cancel those payments so I can make a new account and start using that one? Thanks guys/ladies.


I've also tried to email Spotify and I got a reply back instantly telling me to come here, so I don't know if they will reply to the email still or if that was the only reply I will get...

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Hey @Upstagee, welcome to the community!


Since you created the Spotify account via Facebook, you'll only be able to log back in if you reactivate the Facebook profile.


If there's no way to reactivate the Facebook profile, the team will get back to you via email as soon as possible. The automatic reply you received is to let you know that they've received your message, and to check other help options in case you can find a speedy solution.


Let me know how it goes.

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