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Disassociating Facebook Account from Spotify

Disassociating Facebook Account from Spotify

So I just accidentally made a Spotify account using my Facebook, which was not supposed to happen.

I want to have a Spotify account but without any association to my Facebook account, sinceI am planning on deleting it quite soon.
I also want to disassociate my Facebook account because when I tried signing up for Premium, it said that my password was incorrect, although I typed it very carefully.

I would like to just have a simple username/password  account for Spotify, which I know is possible since one of my friends has it.

However, I do not want the username currently associated to my account, since its 1232374820.


So could you please delete  the account linked to my Facebook (1232374820), and instruct me how to make a new account with no Facebook association.



Thank you.

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You can't use Spotify without Facebook. Your friend signed up before September 22nd 2011 so he can still use Spotify without Facebook, but anyone who signed up after that is forced to have a Facebook connection.


Feel free to give a thumbs up to the idea of having Spotify without Facebook:

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